Travel Diary

Travel Diary · 12 August 2018
I am living in Porto for almost two years now and I must admit I've adapted really well. Being originally from Rio with its 6 million inhabitants, living in a smaller and safer city with a unified and organized transportation system is a relief. And plus, it is located at the seaside, what more a carioca could wish for? I spent almost one year in Porto before visiting the Portuguese capital and I confess, at first, Lisbon seemed to me a bit chaotic and disorganized. It took me two more visits...
Travel Diary · 22 July 2018
The ultimate guide to a perfect weekend in Madrid!

Travel Diary · 03 May 2018
Let's get enchanted in Rothenburg for this final destination!
Travel Diary · 26 April 2018
Next stop of our road trip to Northern Bavaria: Nuremberg!

Travel Diary · 19 April 2018
Northern Bavaria, here we go! First stop: Bamberg!
Travel Diary · 07 April 2018
Joins us on our adventure to Saint-Malo and to the Mont-Saint-Michel!

Travel Diary · 04 February 2018
Bored in the big city of Frankfurt? Enjoy winter in the Taunus!
Travel Diary · 27 January 2018
Get your ski equipment and let's go to Reutte!

Travel Diary · 25 January 2018
Join us to explore Füssen and the Neuschwanstein Castle!