We're Thomas and Rafael, aka the fighting couple

We're a dynamic duo made up of a Frenchman and a Brazilian with big personalities that love to challenge each other (you might call it bickering or fighting, we call it passion!). Despite our differences, we share a deep love for one thing - travel. We met in Lithuania in 2015, and after just three weeks of dating, we took our first trip together. From then on, we've been inseparable and have explored some of the most breathtaking corners of the world.


Traveling together is said to be the ultimate test for any relationship, and we've certainly put that theory to the test! We've had our fair share of disagreements, but we always find a way to make up and move on.


Our cultural differences have also led to some interesting clashes. For instance, in Brazil, it's considered impolite to decline an invitation outright, so people often say "I'll let you know" and then don't show up. In France, splitting the bill on a first date is a major faux pas. Luckily for us, Thomas paid for our first date, or we might never have made it to where we are today!


With this blog, we're taking our relationship to the next level. Thomas is the talented photographer behind our stunning images, while Rafael crafts the engaging posts that we both work hard to edit and perfect. We hope you'll join us on our adventures, and maybe even find some inspiration for your own travels!

Thomas (by Rafael)


Thomas (pronounced "Tomah") is the best English-speaking Frenchman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a passionate individual who pours his heart into everything he does. When it comes to his top two passions in life (not counting me, of course), they would be planning trips and taking photographs. Frankly, I don't even bother attempting these tasks because I know he'll do a better job than I ever could.


By day, he works as a lawyer and linguist, but his true calling lies in fashion and travel. His impatience and French tendency to demand a lot and nitpick about small things can drive me up the wall at times. But there's nothing quite like seeing him light up with excitement and share in my silly dreams with a grin and his dazzling blue eyes!


Thomas has visited nearly every European country and has a wealth of knowledge to share as your personal guide. Not only that, but he'll capture beautiful, personal visual memories for you to share on social media. Trust me when I say that with Thomas as your guide, you're in for an unforgettable experience!

Rafael (by Thomas)


Rafael, a handsome Carioca, has been living in Europe for a few years and has fully embraced the European lifestyle while adding his own Brazilian flair to it. Rafael is one of the funniest and lovable people I know, and it's hard not to fall under the charm of his beautiful white smile! During his studies in Portugal, he discovered the beauty and wonder of the country. His love for Portugal led me to add it to my bucket list of travel destinations, and I was finally able to explore it with Rafael as my guide. 


Although Rafael struggles with saying "no" to others, I've come to understand that it's simply part of the Brazilian culture, so I can't blame him for it (and honestly, I use it to my advantage when suggesting new adventures). The best part about his Brazilian roots is that he has an infectious positivity and an excellent ability to communicate effectively.


Being half Portuguese half Brazilian, Rafael has shown me the amazing beauty and charm of Portugal, and has also sparked my interest in exploring Brazil further, making it one of my top destination choices.