We're Thomas & Rafael

We are a French-Brazilian couple with very strong minds that constantly defy each other to accept what's different (a nice euphemism for fighting so to speak hehe). We both share a common passion: traveling and exploring new horizons. Having met in Lithuania in 2015, we started traveling together only 3 weeks after our first date (which by the way is this picture below) and never stopped ever since.


There is a saying stating you can never say you really know someone before having traveled with them. Traveling together is a good exercise for testing the level of compromise, empathy and sync of any relationship. We have passed this test many times, not without some fights along the way, but mostly of that is due to our cultural difference that demanded (and still demands) a large dose of understanding, patience and respect.

For example, while for Brazilians it sounds very rude being blunt honest with an acquaintance and say you are not interested to go to a party you are invited (they usually say "I will see and I will let you know!" and never do so), for a French person sharing the bill on your first date is a clear sign that you will never go out with that person again. Luckily, Thomas paid our bill, otherwise we wouldn't be here today.


This blog is yet another test for our relationship, the little fights started from day one when choosing its name. However, we always try to reach a common-ground and support each other's deeds. Thomas will be responsible for the photos and the design while Rafael will be writing the posts which are revised and edited by both. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and inspire yourself for your future adventures! :-)

More about us

Thomas (by Rafael)

The best English-speaking French guy I have ever met, Thomas (read it like Tomah) is very passionate about everything he does, but if I can name the top 2 passions of his life (obviously leaving me aside on this one), it would be planning trips and taking photos. I confess I do not even make an effort on those tasks because I am certain he will do a better job than I would.


Lawyer linguist by day and fashion traveler anytime he gets the chance, he drives me crazy with his impatience and French habit of demanding a lot and complaining of the tiniest things. However, there is no better feeling than when he shares my silliness and dreams with a big smile and his sparkling blue eyes.


Having visited almost all European countries, he is the perfect guide to show you around and share his perspective of the place. And plus, you'll have beautiful personal visual memories to post on your social media.


A handsome Carioca (namely a native from Rio de Janeiro) living the European life for almost 4 years and embracing it fully, Rafael is a funny and lovable guy (you'll have to admit it's hard not to fall under the charm of his beautiful white smile). Rafael is a brave man, after finishing his master's degree in innovation and new technologies in Porto, he followed me to the Netherlands and is now seeking for job opportunities.


He's got a hard time saying no to others, but I guess it's part of the Brazilian way of life, so I don't really hold it against him (and plus I take advantage of this when proposing to go on new adventures). But the good part of its Brazilian roots is that he is always positive about things and has a very good and communicative energy.


As being half Portuguese, half Brazilian, Rafael made me discover the beauties and wonders of Portugal and add Brazil on top of my destinations wish list.

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